Shane Abela

French student currently studying at King's College University with +3 years of experience in tutoring English

Price list

30mn Test course *


5 Hours

75 €

10 Hours -0 %

150 €

20 Hours -0 %

300 €

50 Hours -0 %

750 €



* Only one trial lesson possible

About Tutor

Currently studying Geography at King's College University. I have gathered excellent grades in my GCSEs and A-levels which makes me the best candidate to tutor anyone in those particular subjects in English.

I am believe that being a private tutor for the past three years has helped me to understand how different people work and assimilate different information, which is why I have learned to adapt to different type of students in order to make my lessons as effective and interesting as possible.

I am also very passionate about my hobby which include investing, more particularly on the stock market and cryptocurrencies, which has become very interesting and profitable since the start of the pandemic, the US elections and Brexit as the UK forges it's future relations with Europe. I am a big believer of Einstein's famous quote “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” For instance, my teaching methods vary from one student to another, this is because despite the fact that everyone has the same goal (perhaps to learn English), everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. I like to build a relationship of trust between myself and the student as I am convinced that the best way to learn is to enjoy the process of it.

My services include the following:
-Personalised revision notes on each lesson (created and sent within 24 hours of the lesson).
-Exam revisions based on timetable.
-24/7 private/free support on WhatsApp
-Weekly feedbacks to every parents/guardians.
-Free lesson for Student Star of the Month (awarded for best effort and improvements).