Yaxin JI

Prof Chinoise qualifiée

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Chinese mandarin


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About Tutor

My name is Bin, i am a native chinese speaker.
I started to give private chinese classes in 2015.
I hold my Mandarin Chinese Certification of Level A.

My role here is to help you to improve your Chinese as fast as we can, so dont hesitate to tell me your goal for learning chinese, so that we can organise our classes properly.
The class can be taught in chinse, english or french.
See you soon!

My name is Bin, I am Chinese, English is my second language, the third is French.
I started teaching private lessons in 2015
I have Mandarin Certification at Level A.
My role is to do everything possible to ensure that your progress is rapid and that your motivation remains intact.
To get started under the best conditions, please tell me your expectations for this training. This will allow me to be as close as possible to your needs.
Courses can be taught in Chinese, English or French

See you very quickly.