By working in the field of Education for the past 15 years, we have discovered a few things :

Learners/Students want tailor-made courses, available at their convenience.
Their budget can be flexible: sometimes ready to pay more for high standard expérience vs. other times on a low cost budget, for example in their first steps to learn ; doors are always open to switch later to other kind of courses.

Students ask for maximum transparency and information prior to decide which Tutors best match their demand.
Last but not least, Students are looking for extreme flexibility and control over learning solution provided.

Teachers/Tutors want to be as free as possible to use their own approach, methodology and materials.
Tutors want to manage their own schedule and set their own financial request.

Distance learning through skype is becoming widely accepted and even expected.
World is a village and expertise thousand miles away is reachable at the corner of your screen.
Pure e-learning is not the best expérience. Discussing with another human being will always be better.

A trusted third party make both Tutors and Students more confortable to interact and can provide extra services to both users.

This is the reason why we created Abiliteo:

To empower each and everyone with the expertise of Tutors that best fit one's needs and budget.
To build a bridge between Students and Tutors through an ergonomical plateforme.
Our logo symbolise this exchange between Students and Tutors.

Welcome and have a great experience on !

Our 1mn-long video presentation: