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About Tutor

Passionate about alternative and innovative pedagogies, I have been teaching Spanish and French since 2010. Learning a language is the result of a co-construction, which is why the student becomes the creator of his own learning under the tutorship of the teacher.
The course thus turns out to be a space for sharing and accompaniment where the student not only acquires a language, but also develops a critical, curious and creative spirit.

Experience in public and private education (schools, colleges, lycées and language institutes) as well as interest in various fields - literature, cinema, music, history and philosophy- helped me design the courses to meet the needs and expectations of each student.

Following the foundations of the actional perspective (CEFR), Spanish courses aim at learning from the realization of tasks and projects, leading to the student developing language skills (comprehension and oral/written production) and becoming a user of the language in order to act with the other.

Approaching Spanish in its generalities and specificities, these courses are intended for those who wish to study just for pleasure or pursue specific objectives (travel, business, academic exchanges, etc.).