Laura Escayol

Professeure d'espagnol native et expérimentée

Professional tutor

Price list

30mn Test course *


5 Hours

100 €

10 Hours -5 %

190 €

20 Hours -10 %

360 €

50 Hours -15 %

850 €



* Only one trial lesson possible

About Tutor

My three objectives:

1. Let you speak Spanish.

2. That you understand Spanish.

3. That you have fun learning.

Who am I?

I arrived without a job and without knowing the language at an already adult age, so I had to learn French from scratch and think about a new professional challenge. Thanks to my French courses, I realized how rewarding a language is.
My career in Spain had nothing to do with teaching, so I decided to go through multiple teacher training and then I started teaching private lessons. These years were particularly rich and confirmed this vocation; not only because I liked it, but also because I saw my students delighted with the progress they made with me and wanted to continue.

My Courses

My courses are aimed at adults who have a knowledge of the Spanish language and want to progress towards a concrete goal.
An essential aspect of my classes is the relationship and empathy with my students. Knowing the French language allows me to be close by facilitating communication and understanding of the mistakes and doubts that Francophone students generally face.