Lisa Deschamps

Franco-espagnole diplômée en communication donne cours d'espagnol et d'anglais online ou en présentiel

Price list

30mn Test course *


5 Hours

95 €

10 Hours -10 %

171 €

20 Hours -15 %

323 €

50 Hours -30 %

665 €



* Only one trial lesson possible

About Tutor

Born in France and having lived in Spain a large part of my life, these two languages are my mother tongues.
I recently lived in the US for a year and therefore fluent in English.
I also have a degree in communication at a Spanish University.
I approach the matter freely and employ as much conventional methodology from grammar, conjugation, reading, pronunciation... as the unconventional one that encompasses more the natural approach. This choice will be made according to the preference of the student or also the age of the student.