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Côte d'Ivoire

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About Tutor

Hi my name is Michel I am Ivorian. I come from the Ivory Coast, a country in West Africa. I am a business management student with a bachelor's degree in literature. I have lived in Morocco since 2019 and I love this country as well as mine. I also like basketball and also Japanese animes. I like to cook, travel, learn, pass on my knowledge. I also read all sorts of books, whether philosophical or purely literary.

I was a teacher for support classes for two years. During these support courses, we were more focused on practicing the language, which is very important for progress. In addition to that, I also taught French to schoolchildren, it was private lessons. These courses focused on grammar, spelling, written expression and also oral expression.

Book classes with me so that together we can work towards goals and of course achieve them. Together, we will target your shortcomings, correct them and take the next step by making you people who are able to express themselves and write adequate articles in French. We're not going to practice talking anymore. In other words, we will speak to increase your ability to listen and speak.