Monserrat Rodriguez Alvarez

Professeur native d'Espagnol (ELE) expérience 20 années

Price list

30mn Test course *


5 Hours

75 €

10 Hours -3 %

145.5 €

20 Hours -4 %

288 €

50 Hours -10 %

675 €



* Only one trial lesson possible

About Tutor

Native professor, graduate and experienced in Spanish, Portuguese (and Galician). We will practice the language in a daily and contemporary context or in a more professional or business context.
This language course is ideal to progress quickly and get in situation with real cases of communication, designed to strengthen fluidity in oral, both consolidating the grammar and vocabulary necessary for the autonomy of the student.
I have just arrived in France and I would like to continue this job that I love and started 20 years ago!Having already taught courses in teaching centres, at home and group and private classes; I really feel in my element when I teach languages. I offer Spanish, Portuguese and Galician courses adapted to your goals.
I also propose correction as well as translations of professional works.
I always like to adapt my methodology to students, according to their interests and needs. I base my courses on the direct method. I prioritize the oral competence of the language of instruction, and so I speak only in Spanish, even for beginners!