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5 Hours

75 €

10 Hours -2 %

147 €

20 Hours -0 %

300 €

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750 €



* Only one trial lesson possible

About Tutor

I come from Ecuador, a country in Latin America and have been studying in France for 4 years.
From the beginning of my career I teach language courses, either Spanish or English.
I want the student to have a taste for the language as well as to awaken curiosity to learn it.

I like to link the language with the culture of the countries in which it is spoken. Using songs, reading, poetry, movies and series that help pronunciation, entertainment and dynamism of classes.

Likewise, my courses are based on the classical methods of learning. To successfully welcome the necessary vocabulary and the necessary grammar concepts.

The courses follow a progression that progresses to the rhythm of the student in question, as with any learning, we start with the basics (colors, numbers), and then move on to grammar and conjugation of verbs, the formulation of frases and thus succeed in a basic conversation.
Then, readings and others can help to gain vocabulary and improve pronunciaiton.
I adapt to the student's wishes and the level he or she wants to achieve in the language in question.
I also adapt to his availability in order to succeed in granting a timetable that suits Us.

I am also at the disposal of those who want help with their homework in Spanish, French, English or Portuguese.

Especially I would like to share my taste for languages with anyone who wants it!