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About Tutor

I am Chinese and speak French and English fluently. I offer you Mandarin Chinese classes for all audiences. I can help you make great progress in Chinese (vocabularies, grammars etc.). I can also teach you traditional Chinese poems or songs, if you are interested in Chinese culture. If you want to improve your Chinese by speaking, we can also make free conversations about topics that you like (sports, music, video game...). I'm sure we're gonna have a fantastic class together.
See you very soon.

I am a chinese native speaker who can speak English, Engish and a little bit Korean as well. I can help you to improve your Chinese grammar, vacabulary, etc. I will also teach you some Chinese traditional poem or song if you are interested in chinese culture. You can have a quite free class with me if you want to have a free talk to practice your spoken Chinese. I have been study in Paris for 5 years now so that I am fluent in English. I belive you will enjoy a lot in my class.
Hope to see you soon.